Half Acre Non Agricultural Plots for sale in Sindhudurg Maharashtra near Goa starting at 11 lakhs brings you yet another opportunity to make a profitable investment in land. This project in Sindhudurg district is only 7 kms from Aronda beach, 19 kms from the proposed Mopa airport and 43 kms from Panjim. A lovely tourist destination, with a host of beaches in the vicinity, the Government is working towards better infrastructure in the area, which will see land prices go up. So invest today, watch your returns reach for the skies, while you chill by the beach.

Non Agricultural plots of 21,780 sq.ft. These plots can be acquired through an easy EMI payment plan. Each plot will include corner-stone demarcation, fencing of entire property, motorable road, security until handover and facility management service post handover.





Project Highlights

  • The project is just 7 kms from Aronda Beach in Maharashtra and just 14 kms from Arambol beach, Goa.
  • The project is maximum 1.5 hrs drive from Panjim - The capital of India's hottest tourist destination.
  • The proposed Mopa airport is 19 kms from the project.
  • The Government of Maharashtra has declared Sindhudurg District a tourist destination. Which means, your property will benefit from the Government’s investment in infrastructure in the area.
  • Plans to develop a resort project in the second phase, which will benefit the investors with appreciation of land prices.
  • Considering real estate/land prices in Goa, this property would be a great investment option. The prices are bound to appreciate as this belt is sure to develop providing huge returns.
  • Comes with the promise of transparency and simplicity in every investment.



  • Aronda Beach 7 kms
  • Querim Beach 13.5 kms
  • Shiroda Beach 14 kms
  • Arambol Beach 14 kms
  • Pernem Railway Station 14 Kms
  • Tiracol Fort 14.5 Kms
  • Banda 15 Kms
  • Proposed Mopa Airport 19 Kms
  • Sawantwadi 21 Kms
  • Mapusa 28 Kms
  • Baga Beach 38 Kms
  • Panjim 43 Kms
  • Dodamarg 49 Kms
  • Vasco da Gama 65 Kms
  • Dabolim Airport 65 Kms
  • Margao 73 Kms
  • Canacona 110 Kms
  • Belgaum 118 Kms
  • Karwar 146 Kms


Phase 1:  Total Plots = 153  |  Available = Few remaining
Phase 2:  Total Plots =   84  |  Available = 0  |  Sold Out
Phase 3:  Total Plots = 134  |  Available = 0  |  Sold Out
Phase 4:  Total Plots = 135  |  Available = Few remaining
Phase 5:  Total Plots = 205  |  Available = Few remaining
Phase 6:  Total Plots = 139  |  Available = Few remaining
Phase 7: 
Total Plots = 178  |  Available = Few remaining



A. Product

  1. What is the offer?
    This Project offers half acre, demarcated, non agricultural (NA) plots (inclusive of roads), spread across approximately 532 acres of land, located near Sindhudurg District, Maharashtra.
  2. What is the total number of plots on offer?
    153 units of size 21,780 sq.ft. in Phase I. More units will be added as new phases are launched.
  3. What is the zoning of the property?
    The zoning of the property is Non-Agricultural. Sindhudurg District, Maharashtra has been identified as a Tourism Development Belt.
  4. How much is the Floor Space Index (FSI)?
    The minimum FSI is 4% and it can go up to 10% (Tourism Development Zone).
  5. How do you get to the property?
    • Road: From Mapusa via NH17 - 28 kms
    • Rail: Pernem Railway Station - 14 kms
    • Air: Dabolim International Airport - 65 kms
  6. What facilities are provided in this project?
    • Motorable roads
    • Four cornerstone demarcations
    • Fencing of entire project
    • Security until handover
    • Facility Management service post handover

B. Location and Infrastructure

  1. What makes this project a winning proposition?
    Over the years North Goa's coastline has become one of the hottest tourist destinations in the world, this coast line has grown from Miramar beach to Tiracol fort. In the recent years the Maharashtra government has declared Sindhdurg district as a tourism development zone (TDZ) hence the coast line in the Sidhudurg district is fast developing as an extension to Goa’s existing tourist hot spots. Also with the proposed Mopa International Airport in the background, this belt is poised to grow in value over the next two decades.

    This Project is strategically located in the Sidhudurg district between the coast and NH-17. It is an investment opportunity ahead of its growth curve. The proposed resort will further add value to land prices in the project thereby adding to the return on investment. Some of the USP’s of buying land in this project are as follows :
    • Large parcel (21,780 sq.ft.) of land.
    • Plots sold are in close proximity to a proposed resort by the developer's group.
    • Located just a drive away from Panjim – capital of India’s hottest tourist destination (maximum 1.5 hrs via NH-17).
    • 7 kms from Aronda beach in Sindhudurg and 14 kms from Arambol beach in Goa.
    • 19 kms from sanctioned Mopa International Airport.
  2. Location Highlights
    Aronda Beach: 7 kms | Quarim Beach: 13.5 kms | Shiroda Beach: 14 kms
    Arambol Beach: 14 kms | Pernem Railway Station: 14 kms | Tiracol Fort: 14.5 kms
    Banda: 15 kms | Proposed Mopa Airport: 19 kms | Sawantwadi: 21 kms
    Mapusa: 28 kms | Baga Beach: 38 kms | Panjim: 43 kms | Dodamarg: 49 kms
    Vasco da Gama: 65 kms | Dabolim Airport: 65 kms | Margao: 73 kms
    Canacona: 110 kms | Belgaum: 118 kms | Karwar: 146 kms

C. Documents and Registration

  1. Who has ownership of the land?
    The promoters, their subsidiaries, and associates of the developer have legal ownership of the land.
  2. What documents will be issued through the payment schedule?
    • Upon realization of the Down payment amount and an accurately completed Booking Confirmation Form, a Token Receipt cum Agreement (TRA) will be issued.
    • Once 70% of the total payment is realized, an Agreement of Sale (AOS) will be released.
    • When 100% of the payment is realized, a Sale Deed will be released post registration. (For Amendments, Cancellation and Refund Clauses refer Terms and conditions in Booking Confirmation Form)
  3. When will I be able to register the plot?
    The plot will be registered on completion of the entire project. All investors who have paid the entire Sales Consideration (along with other charges as applicable) shall be eligible for registration.
  4. What are the Registration and Stamp Duty fees?
    • At present, 4% Stamp Duty + 1% Registration will be charged as per the guidelines prescribed by the Government or the Sales Consideration Charge set by the developer, whichever is higher.
    • In Addition, a minimum amount of Rs 20,000 per unit will be charged for every registration towards legal, liaison and administrative expenses. (Subject to change as per government policies)
  5. What other charges will be levied (apart from the Stamp Duty + Registration fee)?
    • Additional charges will be applicable for the Power Of Attorney (POA) services rendered by the developer. These charges may vary from INR 10,000 to INR 20,000 per document, depending on the State and exact requirement.
    • A requisition for any additional post-registration services / documents like the 7/12 Extract or Patta will be charged for, depending upon the property for which these are required.
  6. How do you hand over properties to investors?
    The company will inform you of the handover process at the time of completion of the development of the project.
  7. Can the plot be transferred to someone else - without registering / during the project tenure?
    Nomination is possible at any stage of the purchase upon payment of a nominal fee.
  8. Will I be assisted in the resale of my property after registration? If so, what are the transfer / brokerage charges involved?
    Yes, the developer will assist you in reselling your property. Charges will be decided on at the time of resale.

D. Facility Management Services

  1. Who takes care of my property once the property is ready for Handover?
    The Developer's Facilities Management Division will provide the services mentioned below (point 2) in the project from the time the project deliverables are ready, irrespective of the property being registered in the applicant’s name or the handover being taken.
  2. What kinds of services will Facilities Management Division Provide?
    The services include provision for a caretaker at the project site, maintenance of project fencing, relaying of top layer of internal roads with the layout and clearing of bushes that may grow on the internal roads.
  3. What is the benefit of Facilities Management Services?
    The major benefit of the service is protection of the investment from encroachment & the maintenance of the deliverables so that the investment goal of valuation appreciation is realized.
  4. What are the charges for services that will be provided?
    An annual maintenance charge for maintenance of the property is applicable, which would be communicated at the time of hand over. The  maintenance charges will be levied, irrespective of property being registered in the applicant’s name or nominee having taken handover.

*Disclaimer: Prices & specifications are subject to change without notice.

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