Source: The Times of India Goa July 18, 2013

No more land for Dabolim airport expansion: CM

PANAJI: Chief minister Manohar Parrikar on Wednesday reiterated that the government will not give any more land for the expansion of Dabolim airport till the Airports Authority of India (AAI), Goa, submits a detailed action plan on land use.

Parrikar said the state government has given around 1 lakh sq m of land-40,000 sq m for the new terminal and 50,000 sq m at a prime location-but till date it was not utilized.

Parrikar said there is enough space available at Dabolim airport for vehicle parking and there is no need to allot additional land for this. He said outside the existing terminal building there is space available for parking of around 350 vehicles and that around 100 vehicles could be parked on either side of the proposed national highway.

"If they (AAI) are not able to plan the parking space, then they should come to me I will plan for them," Parrikar said.

The chief minister said that space for around 500 parking slots is available on the left of the airport, which makes available a total of 1,000 parking slots at the airport.

Reacting to the statement of the AAI Goa director that of 750 parking spaces available, 250 would be reserved for AAI officials vehicles, Parrikar said, "We have not given land for parking of AAI officials. We have given land for parking of passengers' vehicles."

Parrikar also said that the AAI chairman in a letter to the state government dated February 13, 2013, stated, "The existing terminal building is proposed to be leveled to pave way for apron expansion so as to increase aircraft parking to the requirement capacity, especially in the context of handling wide body international charter aircraft." Referring to this, Parrikar said, "Beyond this area they can create parking facilities."

Parrikar also said that AAI in another letter to the state government dated August 2, 2011, had stated, "The government of Goa has de-notified acquisition of 36,000 sq m of land which is nearest to the upcoming new terminal building and was planned to be used by AAI for aeronautical activities and aviation fuel station etc." Again referring to this, Parrikar asked where in the letter 'parking' had been mentioned.

He also said that replying to the state government query, AAI, Goa director, in a letter on April 12, 2013, did not give a proper land utilization plan. Parrikar said the AAI director sent an enclosure which stated that de-notified land is required for warehouse, fuel farm and parking facilities.

"I will not give land for warehouse and fuel farm. I will not give land to any central government agencies, unnecessarily," Parrikar said.

Centre accepts Goa proposal on buffer zone

The state government's proposal of a buffer zone up to 1km from the boundary of wildlife sanctuaries and national parks has been accepted by the Union government, chief minister Manohar Parrikar on Wednesday.


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